Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Pressure Controller "Hubert"

This is a small but powerful device to use with your modular synthesizer. On each hand side there is one force sensing resistor turning applied pressure into a steady CV output.

Each channel has three outputs: CV Out, Inverted CV Out and Gate out. Each side is capable of holding the current voltage on CV Out, whereas the inverted CV appears on Inverted CV Out. If a CV is held in the CV Out you still can use the inverted out, even switching from positive to negative voltage as often as you want without disturbing the held CV output.

In addition each of the two channels fires a gate signal every time pressure is applied to the pressure pad. The CV can go from 0V to +/- 8V and can be controlled in sensitivity.

The device seen below is the prototype. The actual layout of the finished controller will be slightly different and of course much more neat. 100% analog power.

Right channel controlling the cutoff frequency of a Doepfer Lowpass Gate, left channel plugged into Wavetable CV input of the WMD Geiger Counter.